Song 088 – The Prophets

By March 22, 2018Songs

This song was the theme song for The Family Album, The England East Mission singing group, and was written by R.D. Galbraith. The group was assigned to the Hyde Park Chapel, and would go out to all parts of the mission each week to perform at community family home evenings, set up by the missionaries working in those communities. There would typically be 100-200 families come to these events, and they were a very effective way to identify new contacts to teach and hopefully become investigators. I have always enjoyed this song, and did not use it as the music for any of the Psalms because I did not write the song. The photos used for the composite image to the left come from the following locations:

Joseph Smith: Joseph and Hyrum leaving Nauvoo for Carthage, Illinois


In the late 1990’s I went to my artist friend, Ken Turner, with a series of six sketches of the Savior, which I thought he should paint, and which I did not have the cash to pay for. The image of Jesus to the left, is one of the 4 resulting paintings. Just before Andrea and I moved back to Cedar, I held a concert at Ken’s studio, and performed the first 20 psalms, and the songs that go with them. At the concert Ken learned Andrea is a descendant of Hyrum Smith, and he gave her the painting of Joseph and Hyrum leaving Nauvoo for their martyrdom, which is the painting of Joseph Smith. This painting is now in Cedar City, Utah. The importance of prophets is well documented in the scriptures and in history.

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