Song 090 – Deseret

By March 24, 2018Songs

Song 090, written on 01 July 1973, is referenced by Song 081 – Vision and by Song 100 – Zion, and provided the music for Psalm 48. This song is important because it was one of two songs written in Denver, Colorado in July of 1973 summarizing my passion, which I identified on my mission, namely building the New Jerusalem, and reestablishment of the United Order. The second song is Song 100 – Zion, written on 14 July 1973. Hugh Nibley and the scriptures refer to the process and specific place becoming the pure in heart or Zion (see Quest for Empire: The Political Kingdom of God & The Council of Fifty in Mormon History, Klaus J. Hansen, 1967; Joseph Smith and the Law of Consecration, Lyndon W. Cook, 1985; Building the City of God, Leonard J. Arrington, 1976; Toward the New Jerusalem, Alma P. Burton, 1985; Joseph Smith’s United Order, Kent W. Huff, 1988; Brigham Young’s United Order, Kent W. Huff, ~1989; Approaching Zion, Hugh Nibley, 1989; Becoming a Zion People, Lindon J. Robison, 1992; and Working Toward Zion, Principles of the United Order for the Modern World, James W. Lucas, 1996). I wrote a treatise on the topic in Harlow New Town, when I was on my mission. I have shared this document a few times, and did receive positive feedback. I recall being fascinated by Sir Thomas Moore’s book Utopia. Dad and his brothers, particularly Dad and Bud and Dick, worked together, helped each other, and maybe this is where I learned to be attracted to books like Walden – or Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau and Collaborative Communities – cohousing, central living, and other new forms of housing with shared facilities, written by Dorit Fromm in 1991. My library is full of books, notebooks, journals, and papers with themes along the lines of how to build a better city, a city built around people rather than around automobiles. For years I have planned and schemed on how to use Dad’s farm as a prototype of a new kind of community, which is why there are two satellite images of the farm to the left. It has not been sold yet, and so maybe it will happen someday. Note, when I show a modern day satellite image of the farm, I point out to people I grew up on the back end of a shovel on the Star Ship Enterprise.

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