Song 080 – The Road of Life

By March 13, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. Crawl, walk, and run down the road of life, carrying ourselves and those who are on our way to the place we came from. I have always been fascinated with clouds. You see this reference in many of my songs (of those posted so far, including Song 030 – El Rancho Cima, Song 058 – Reunion, Song 068 – The First Anniversary, Song 069 – Dreams, Song 072 – 21st Anniversary, and several times in Song 076 – Job). I firmly believe we have a Father and Mother in heaven, and we will return to them after we die. We were carried by our parents. We experience rain and thunder, as shown by the photo to the left (one of Dynamic Measurement’s lightning photos, this one titled Volcanic_ash_lightning.jpg and I think it is from a volcanic eruption in Chile). As we stand up, we find we fall down. As we make choices, we find we sometimes make poor choices. These choices build “character, strength, and an inner pride.” The sunlight comes through the clouds and shows us the right way to go. We can see where we have been, and we can know where to go, especially if we listen to The Holy Ghost. Simple words. Simple concepts. Still these words and concepts are very hard for those with addictions or who are too caught up in the pride of the world to recognize and to see. It sometimes seems like setting an example is not enough. And yet, given we allow everyone to have the free will we enjoy, example is the only way to bring those we love, which is hopefully everyone, back to our Heavenly Father and our Heavenly Mother.

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