Song 081 – Vision

By March 14, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 126. I think this is the first song I wrote where the words (for the chorus) were taken directly from another source. The chorus was a definition of the word “dream” in a dictionary I had in those days: “Images created in our minds eye, emotions, abstractions too, a release from reality, true reverie, beauty, an ideal too.” Certainly, these are not words I would just come up with. I remember fishing at the upper pond at Calf Springs Ranch, and as I sat there with a worm on the hook, watching the clouds pass by, dreaming about building a new type of city up the hill to the south of the pond. These were the story books, exercising my inner soul, which became the driving force of my life (see Song 90 – Deseret and Song 100 – Zion). These daydreams, or dreams, or visions, have certainly made me look like an angel or like a ghoul to others. This song was written in 1986, when I was struggling with those at Landmark who were having affairs, and the impact I thought their actions had on my integrity. And yet, I still believed (and still believe today) these dreams and these ideas will reach an ideal, even though the pat to get to the ideal can be very twisted. The photo to the left is intended to capture this, with the reflection on the geodesic map of the earth by my frontal lobe, and me, as an old man, still having these dreams, daydreams, visions driving my choices and actions. For example, believing that someday, the effort to capture, to post and to share these songs, descriptions of these songs, and photos which point to these songs will be of benefit to one of my descendants, or to someone else. When I think about it logically, and anticipate the negative reaction of some of my loved ones to my candor and the words I have written in the songs or in the descriptions of the songs, it does not make logical sense to keep doing this work. Oh well! I am driven by ideals and by things I do not understand.

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