Song 082 – Gene’s Beijing Blues

By March 15, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 008 – Fallen Angel, and was not used as the music for a Psalm. The photo to the left shows Mr. and Mrs. Yan Dunshi. Mr. Yan was the Chief Geologist of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry when I first met him. He found the first buried hills giant oil fields in China, and received personal accolades and rewards from Mao Zedong. He liked me. Big companies, like Schlumberger and Halliburton, would spend months setting up a fifteen-minute meeting with Mr. Yan. On many of my 60+ trips to China, I would call him up, and we would meet for dinner, or we would take our guitars to the Beihai Park and sing to Chinese tourists who were going through the park. I gave Mr. Yan the small guitar I am playing in this photo. Mrs. Yan was the Chief Geochemist for the Ministry of Petroleum Geology. They were truly a power couple, and very close friends. The last I heard is Mr. Yan has some issues with Alzheimer’s. When I took Gene Ennis and Chuck Edwards to China for the first time, I wrote this song using Mr. Yan’s guitar. The challenges Gene faced, as described in the song, all happened. These challenges were small compared to many of the challenges I faced in all of the trips I took to China, and to other places around the world. Thankfully I never drank Mao Tai, never attempted lighting it on fire and then drinking it, never spilled a burning drink on the floor and almost starting a fire, and I do not recall having a bottle of cologne break in my suitcase and getting all over my clothes. I still remember Chuck Edward’s reaction as I sang the song to the team that came over to China from Houston, including the President of Landmark Graphics, Gene Ennis. Gene was the primary reason I left Landmark Graphics.

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