Song 083 – Wall Street

By March 16, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for a Psalm. When I was young, Mom and I would sit at the piano, she would play songs from all of the musicals from those days, and we would sing the words together. After Marti and I wrote the musical, Swedish Roots (see Song 079 – Why I Try), my ego drove me to believe I was going to write a major musical. This song was part of the story line which was floating around in my head back in 1988, before life got really hard and I forgot about these types of day dreams. The song is basically about two businessmen preparing for a showdown in New York City. One of the businessmen, verses A and C, was someone like me, and the other one, verses B and D, was someone like some of the businessmen I have worked with in my career. I kind of like the tune, and the message, and since I am 30 years older than when I wrote the song, I know it will never go anyplace. Oh well! I do enjoy writing the songs, and singing them to myself, and sometimes to others.

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