Song 074 – 1307 Emerald Green

By March 6, 2018Songs

This song is referenced by Song 011 – Howard Nelson, by Song 044 – My Family, and it provided the music for Psalm 104. I have always liked this song, and have sang it several times for others, even after the divorce and after my marriage to Andrea. The song describes what I saw in my mind about my home: a lovely queen, whose spouse I was blessed to be. It is mostly a description of the house. The big sedimentary layered rock we brought back from Tipton, Wyoming in a U-Haul rental trailer. The cut glass in the front door. The in-laid wooden floor and the hand stenciled foyer, which were later replaced with the original marble floor and plain white walls. My office, the music room, and the baby grand piano and the harp. The living room, full of books, photos, and music. Our nest on the right. I did not realize until we moved from 1307 Emerald Green how much Andrea did not like sleeping the same bed Marti and I had slept in. Oh well! We sold the bed when we moved. The kitchen and dining on the left, and the pool and trampoline outside, where kids could go play while we talked to friends from around the world who stopped to say hello. The song nicely captures the good parts about my home for 30 years. I refused to leave the home when Marti insisted on divorce. It was very hard for me to leave this home, when we decided to move back to Cedar City. Chris (now Eric) Schmidt, who lives on the street that dead ends into the 1307 Emerald Green driveway, talks about how often he misses having us there as he drives out of his cul-de-sac. This song brings back those good memories to me.

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