Song 077 – Desires

By March 9, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 19, for Psalm 81, and is referenced by Song 044 – My Family. Typical of too little too late. Like many of these most personal songs, posting this is probably the first time anyone besides myself has been able to read the words or hear the music. The music has been compiled since before we moved to Cedar City from Houston in 2014. It has been in a big thick book in the corner of the living room since we moved into the condo. Probably intimidating. Probably no one who has visited who is interested enough to thumb through the pages. These pages are there so I can sing myself a song and/or a psalm each morning to start my day off right. Of course, in my mind, the goal is to leave my kids and their descendants a digital legacy, a legacy which hopefully they can gain from in their search for happiness. The divorce was inevitable by the time I wrote this song. I still hoped and prayed and fasted and prayed Marti would change her mind. We were called as stake missionaries to serve in the Columbus Branch. For over 20 weeks I would start a fast on either Friday or Saturday morning and would break it on Sunday night when we got home from Columbus. This was my 40+ days of fasting and prayer. I still wanted to hold Marti’s hand, and to have her leave her virtual world. I did my best to not let our problems disrupt the kids and their lives. Melanie was a cheerleader and graduated from High School on the same day the divorce decree was finalized. Hard times, and not a fulfillment of my desires.

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