Song 078 – Rain

By March 10, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 47, and is referenced by both Song 029 – Simonton Blues  and Song 044 – My Family. I had left Landmark Graphics because the management wanted to build a $4 million office building and would not give me $200,000 to build a sequence stratigraphy package to help our customers. The President was having a public affair with his Marketing Vice-President, and I felt other’s people’s choices were a reflection on my integrity. So, I took the HyperMedia software we had developed, left Landmark, and started HyperMedia Corporation. The company failed because NetScape gave a lower quality internet browser away, and paid for it with advertising. I had guaranteed HyperMedia loans with Landmark stock. Landmark stock went from $24/share to $8/share, and the bank took all of my stock away. I went to work with Bob Sneider, one of the most renowned explorers in the industry. He decided he did not want to work with me, which is a long story. So I went to work on a deep water Gulf of Mexico task force at BHP-Billiton. When this finished, and BHP won about 70 leases in the Gulf of Mexico lease sale, I wanted to give Marti space, hoping she would change her mind, and I took a consulting job with The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) at UT Austin. For a year and a half, I would leave early Monday morning, and get back home late Friday night. It gave me an opportunity to see Roice, who was at The University of Texas. I was at the LaQuinta by the BEG office on 03 April 1997 when I got the call telling me we had an $80,000 tax bill, because of money we had pulled out of Landmark stock, and put into a trust for the kids. The divorce decree was close to being made final. Dad’s barn had burned down, and he had terminal cancer. As I looked out of the window towards the west from the third floor of the LaQuinta there was a big Texas thunderstorm. I was overwhelmed. I heard the beat and the music between my tears as the thunder sounded all around the hotel. It reminded me of the night after Marti and I had gone to the Dallas Temple, I had insisted she ask the Temple President the questions that bothered her, she verbally attacked him, and in our hotel room that night all we could hear was the thunder of another big Texas thunderstorm. It also reminded me of the day the Federal Inspectors shut down Nelson Meat Packing Plant, Dad disappeared, I had to tell Bob Goodwin and Gerald Black they were fired, they cried as they told me not to drop out of school, and a big afternoon Cedar City thunderstorm suddenly came up (see the description of Song 087 – The First Prayer). Absolutely and totally emotionally overwhelming experiences.

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