Song 079 – Why I Try

By March 12, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 31. I picked a photo of Andrea and I on a hike to Calf Springs Falls to post to the left, because family is why I try. This song was written about 11 months after I left Mobil Oil and went to work at The Seismic Acoustics Lab (SAL) at the University of Houston. I was busy in those days. We had 4 little kids. I was the Young Men’s President in the Maplewood Second Ward. Marti and I had written a musical, Swedish Roots, which we had put on in Dallas, and which we put on about this same time in the Maplewood Second Ward. Later I would be called as the Elder’s Quorum President, just as we were starting Landmark Graphics, and I was starting my extremely busy travel schedule. I did write “New Technologies in Exploration Geophysics” about 2 years after writing this song. Still have not taken the time to pick up on the art work taught in 9th Grade, and it is 38 years after I wrote this song. Still trying to be richer, and I never seems to go very far or very fast. Lots of potential. I enjoy my work (see verse 6 of Song 001 – Open My Eyes Please), I feel like ideas and thoughts are planted in my mind (see description of Song 001 –  Open My Eyes Please , Song 047 – Spirit World, and Song 085a-k – Merging Mind & Matter) and I enjoy it more when I can help a child, or someone else.  The songs reflects how much we had been blessed. My mind goes to the geodesic fort I built for the kids in the back yard of our Missouri City home. I’ve always been a big picture, long-term project guy, and this is reflected in the desire to help “all of God’s other children,” and to bring everyone to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This song was obviously written before I started quoting my Grandpa Hafen, who said “Steers try too.”

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