Song 069 – Dreams

By February 28, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a Psalm and is referenced by Song 080 – The Road of Life. In fact, none of the songs in this week’s postings were used as the music for a Psalm. At least not yet. I recently saw a book with a title something like, “Psalms of Nauvoo,” and maybe after I post all of these songs I will go back and use the music for some of these songs to put the “Psalms of Nauvoo” to music. In the meantime, this song is about dreams of buying things we could not afford. It reflected my on-going desire to help others. To have the resources to give to those in need, and not feel like we had to have things given to us in order to make our lives more comfortable. I never have liked chasing dollars here and there. After all, things never go like they are planned. And, like my Dad, dollars seem to slip right through my hand. Guess we do not hold on to that which is not important to us, even though we may later come to learn it was important to us and we should not have been so careless. Little kids cry, and Marti was able to cope with these tears very well. She was very even tempered, and just kept on getting on. She filled or house with lovely things, and I did not appreciate these “things,” because I did not have a connection with them. Now we live in a museum, and most of the things we have are things tied to travel and experiences. Still lovely. Appreciated more because of a personal connection to them or where they came from. And still, we do not seem to truly give. Maybe I should say, I do not seem to truly give, as Andrea is really blossoming as the Hillcrest Ward Relief Society President, and does truly give of herself to others. The brass rubbing to the right is “The Pounder Brass” from Ipswich, where I spent 9 months of my LDS Mission. We gave it to the Shakespeare Theater, and it now sits in front of the restroom at the new theater.

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