Song 070 – Fake Flowers

By March 1, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a Psalm. I don’t know where my critical nature comes from. Probably from my Mom. I know that when I wrote this song, Marti was quite taken back by the words.  Blue and Orange Silk Flowers are a nice contrast in complimentary colors. I wonder if the kids really did eat them? I like real flowers, dried flowers, and things that nature makes. Although by the third verse I was recognizing I did not have an allergic reaction to the fake flowers. Also, they do not attract bees, and they even moved in the artificial breeze created by the air conditioner. The photo I chose was of some dried purple sage, which is the opposite of fake flowers. I have come to appreciate the beautiful bouquets of fake flowers in the Celestial Rooms at LDS temples, or in the homes of some of the elderly ladies I visit as part of my church service these days. Maybe I am maturing enough to enjoy the fake flowers, and to not just be sarcastic in tone and word for artistic efforts I have not yet learned to appreciate.

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