Song 071 – Yellowstone

By March 2, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a Psalm. After the horrific fires at Yellowstone National Park, I wanted the kids to see what had happened. So, we drove to Cody, visited Riley and Linda Skeen, and they drove into the National Park with us. I only wrote 1 verse and a chorus. Andrea has never been to Yellowstone National Park. It has been my intention for years to take her there, and to spend some time exploring Yellowstone Lake (which I mapped, as shown to the left, as part of my Senior Thesis for partial fulfillment of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Geophysics from The University of Utah. There is so much potential all around us, and there are so many projects I have started and have not finished. Oh well! Time will tell what I end up deeming as being truly important and what slips through the cracks and is never finished by me. Hopefully, the digital documentation I continue to work on can provide a basis for one or more of our grandkids to grab hold of something which interests them, and expand on what I started.

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