Song 072 – 21st Anniversary

By March 3, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a Psalm and is referenced by Song 080 – The Road of Life. I still remember the 21st Anniversary, or the brass and nickel anniversary. Marti had pretty much decided she was leaving our marriage by this time. I still thought we could pull things together. I looked up what the symbols were for this anniversary, and spent a Saturday afternoon in an antique emporium in Spring Branch, Texas looking for something made of brass and nickel. And we still have what I bought, in the guest bathroom in Cedar City, Utah.  A little container with a unicorn on it, reminding me of “Song 54 – The Wooden Shoe,” and a brass water spray bottle. I claimed to love Marti more than myself, and now I wonder if this was true. Certainly, she did not recognize it, if it was true, or she would not have given up on our marriage. I have a tendency “to look beyond the mark,” and in so doing often do not see what is right in front of me. As I was writing these notes, my mind jumped to “Prime Words,” and all of the time I have spent capturing 4-line stanzas since the flight from Calgary to Houston, on 12 December 1985, when I wrote the first stanza. As I read through some of the stanzas, I related the following two to this song:

Mindwalks:         Have you ever gone alone
                             For a walk in your mind
                             Searching high and low
                             For whatever you may find

Dimensions:        The four-dimensions of earth life
                             Mirror heaven and spiritual thought
                             Where we will see as we are seen
                             And know what is real or what is not


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