Song 063 – Willow Tree

By February 21, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music for one of the Psalms. Not sure where this song came from. We had willows growing across from the house all the time I was growing up, and there were willows along several of the ditches on the farm. Maybe there was a willow tree in some corner by Riley and my apartment on Elizabeth Street, a corner the sun shone on, and thus the tree could be watching the sky as the clouds passed by. The song summarizes our re-meeting, with recognition we were going to build a family for forever (see Song 68 – First Anniversary). Marti’s Mom & Dad had some horrific fights, which I understood from my childhood, she had one brother and I had 1 sister, and it felt like we only had each other. We both had a personal relationship with Jesus, and so we were going to trust in Him and “give life our best labor.” I did not finish the short song until the 28th of January 2017. I finished it by writing a second chorus, describing how the willow tree was cut down and “how sad it is to see everyone’s hurts and frowns.” The Mans in our ward had a beautiful willow tree I was going to take a photo of for the picture. When I went over there on a nice sunset evening, the willow tree had been cut down. So, the next day I went out to the valley to Willow Glen, where Andrea and I had our wedding reception, and took a couple of photos of the Willow Glen sign. Willow Glen is on Bulldog Road close to Dad’s farm, and even though Andrea went to Houston with me for 15 years, our story literally started here in Cedar Valley.

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