Song 066 – Home

By February 24, 2018Songs

This song was the basis for the music for Psalm 129, and is also referenced by Song 044 – My Family. I still have the Indian pottery leather books on our bookshelves, and the Knight brass-rubbing is in the garage. When I saw it was getting close to posting of this song, I pulled it into the bedroom and took a photo. Then I found the photo to the left of the same knight in the first Apartment Marti and I had in Salt Lake. So, I’m using the recent photo of the Black Knight for Song 67 – The Knight. It turns out the apartment in Salt Lake at 5th South and 13th East, was designed by Raymond Gardner’s Dad, when he was a pre-architecture student at the University of Utah. It was Bob and Gen’s first apartment. My Southern Utah roots were always a bit overwhelming to Marti. I really enjoy this song, and enjoyed singing it with Marti, because we took the 3 choruses, merged them, and would sing them at the end as a round. We probably only ever sang it that way a couple of times, and now I have no one to sing it that way with me. Oh well! The song does nicely describe a young couple starting out with their first apartment, cleaning the apartment up, and turning it into a home, which we settled into, with blessing surrounding us, and lovely thoughts coming to mind each morning when leaving for classes and work. And then we watched our friends, as they would settle down, and they would sing a variation on the words of the song we’ve sung. Life is beautiful and a wonderful n-dimensional training cycle.

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