Song 067 – The Knight

By February 26, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a Psalm, and it is referenced in the write up tied to Song 066 – Home. It is interesting looking back, as a 68-year-old, at where minds were when we were 24 and 23 years old. I had just returned from England, where knights once roamed the countryside, and where I spent hours and hours rubbing brass memorials made to these knights. Marti was my maiden fair, and in Marti’s mind, I had a decree from the king to slay a dragon. I was not going to fail, and yet I did fail. The mountains were like the mountains of southern Utah and Calf Springs Ranch. I still dream of castles in the sky, and want to build enclosed Buckminster Fuller designed mile-diameter geodesic-spheres, which will heat up from the sun, float around the world, and within them can be built 3-D cities. How we change, and how we stay the same. Yes, this song predicted our failure, although to be fair, C2 was written in January of 2017, when I was working on cleaning up the documentation of my songs.

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