Song 062 – Our Song

By February 20, 2018Songs

This song was not used as the music to a Psalm. However, Song 013 – Benjamin’s Song, mentions how my plans and Marti’s self-confidence were on different planets, and while Song 062 can in some ways be considered our theme song, it is not a very positive theme. In the song, I am encouraging us to create something new, Marti is overwhelmed, does not have the self-confidence to believe she can write a song, let alone sing along, and just wanted me to “put up my guitar and let her be.” So, I come back with a different approach. It’s sunny. It’s a beautiful day. We are on the lawn. We could always remember this day if we just “wrote ourselves a song.” Anything but create something new. Tennis, gin rummy, there are just a lot of better things to do than write a song. So, I give up. “Let’s go inside. There our time abide.” Well, I guess I never give up. “Till we find the words for the first and last line.” Short song, only 95 words with a 2-word title. And to me, it tells the story of our failed marriage. I’m not saying I was right because I was attempting to create something new. I was wrong, because I did not build up Marti, and help her self-confidence. I was out there building up my ego, and proving how important I was, and simply overwhelming my wife. There are not simple answers to most of life’s challenges.

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