Song 061 – Thanks To My Mom & Dad

By February 19, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a Psalm. Because I wanted to stay and help the new Mission President, President Smith, I extended my mission a few weeks. Then Elder Jones and I toured Europe. So, I did not get to Denver from England until the Tuesday Richard Nixon was elected, and I expect I got home to Cedar City the following day. The bottom line is I missed the fall semester of school at The University of Utah. Did not have money to go to school anyway. So, I ended up getting my degree in Geophysics from the U 1 quarter short of 4 years.  I took heavy course loads, so when the song says “work real hard,” it is not an exaggeration compared to many of the other students. Don’t know that I got “real-smart,” and I did “read a lot of books.” “Studied science, and people’s lives, prepared for the future, with what others have left.” And it was “Thanks to my Mom & Dad.” Mom taught me how to think and Dad taught me how to work. Mom did not want me to go on a mission for the LDS Church. Have a testimony of the restoration, and so I went. Definitely learned more on my mission than I learned at college or in any books. It is hard to quantify what I learned. And yet it seems I can recognize how experiences in England impact something that happens in my life almost every day. This song must have been written after Spring Break, when Marti and I got engaged. I was following my dream and preparing for a family and “lots of kids,” making “a lot of money,” and still hoping to enjoy life. This song is kind of a cute little status check on my life in the spring of 1973.

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