Song 060 – Randy’s Song

By February 17, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 72. Song 60 is also referenced by Song 044 – My Family. Riley Skeen and I lived on Elizabeth Street, near the “U.” One day Randy Shirts came to visit me, and this song was the result of that visit. I remember sitting on the front porch writing the song after Randy left. My sister’s boss in Engineering, who introduced her to Desmond, had a daughter who was starting college. I do not remember names. I do remember she came over to find out what I was writing a song about. It was very awkward. I did not tell her what the song was about, and was careful about singing on the front porch after that. When I sang the song to Randy years later, he did not remember asking me why I decided to get married. Isn’t it interesting how different people have completely different memories of the same event. I have always like this song, even though my marriage to Marti was a “bust.” The words and the tune captured how I felt, and how I now feel about Andrea, Randy’s little sister, who is 5 years younger than us, and whom I would never have considered dating when we were growing up together.

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