Song 057 – Engagement Song

By February 14, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 11. Song 057 is also referenced by Song 012 – A Lullaby. Before I left for my mission, I sent a note to the Mission President asking if it made sense to bring my guitar. I was very pleased to get a positive response. So I took a guitar with me to England. The Mission had a band, which band sang for Community Family Home Evenings all across the Mission. I was quickly recognized as one of the top baptizers in the Mission, and so I was never given a chance to play guitar with The England East Mission Singing Group. I let them use my guitar, and it was stolen. The mission paid me the cost, and that helped cover some of my mission costs. I was the District Leader for the Singing Group the last few months of my mission. I took them out to Hyde Park Corner, and had them sing, and then had elders preach, just like happened in the 1830’s and 1840’s. I had access to a guitar in my last area, and I wrote the tune for this song then, in 1972. I finished it in 1973, just before I proposed to Marti. It wasn’t spring. There were no birds singing in the garden. There were no cattle and no horses and no meadow at Calf Springs Ranch.  It was cold. We walked from where the snow was too deep to drive, into Calf Springs Ranch. The snow was up to our waist sometimes. I cooked a steak for us. I carried my guitar. And I sang this song as my marriage proposal. My friend William Bunker Hansen came down from Salt Lake, and we made a movie that weekend to commemorate our engagement. I remember Marti saying, she would never tell grandchildren about what we did, because it was so weird. So, I choose to tell the story here.

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