Song 051 – Erik’s Song

By February 7, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 57. The photo to the left is of Erik, his bride, and our former Bishop, Michael Pickard, at a X-Tex-Pat farewell in Provo, Utah for Mike and Marion, who were leaving to be the Rome, Italy Mission President and Mission Mom. When Erik spoke in Sacrament Meeting, prior to leaving for his mission, he talked about how scary it was for him to go on a mission. I wrote the song in response to his sacrament meeting talk, and included some of the words The Byrds quoted words from Ecclesiastes 3:1-4. On 28 April 2007 I saw Erik at his sister Susan’s wedding reception. I pulled out my digital camera, and captured him saying the following: “Brother Nelson used to go on a lot of trips.  And he used to go to China frequently.  One time over there he apparently found shirts that were dirt cheap.  One of the reasons they were dirt cheap was probably because of the hideous awful design of the cloth they were made out of.  He brought every member of the Teacher’s Quorum back a shirt.  Thinking, of course, that we would wear them at home, on our free time, not that we would all wore them to church the next Sunday, which we did.  Proudless.  We loved these shirts that he brought back to us.  We still talk about them.”  Sort of sounds like the words to his song: “Helping others on their way, finding good things to say, teaching truths from yesterday, that can help out lives today.”

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