Song 049 – Welcome to Big Bend

By February 5, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 50. It is another of the Boy Scout High Adventure songs. The photo to the left is of the group in Chris Schmidt’s driveway, and the extended photo shows most of the team on top of one of the mountains. All of the photos can be reviewed on-line. This time we took the boys to Big Bend National Park. I loved the geology and the astronomy and the food. We had some real gourmet cooks on this trip. It is a long drive across Texas. Very active group of boys. They brought bicycles with them, and rode them down the hills at Big Bend Park like maniacs. It was hot and it was dry. We did a lot of hiking. We had several flat tires. Some of us went to McDonald Observatory. Another flat tire. Lots of checkers and chess and cards. Had a skunk come into camp and into a tent to eat candy one of the boys had in their tent. No one was sprayed and the skunk went away. I can not believe how fat I was in those days. I’m sure a lot of it was the stress accompanying the divorce. I did make a 14-mile hike climbing 2,000 feet. This area is mostly shaped by volcanic activity, associated with a large transform fault the Rio Grande still follows. I still have one of the pieces of rhyolite I picked and made into a wall hanging for each of the boys on the wall of my office. I later found out one of the boys I played a lot of chess with was struggling with drugs. A few years later he ran in front of a school bus and was killed. This is a hard memory. The good memories were of him coming out of his shell, playing chess, and having a good time with the other young men. Still, life is hard.

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