Song 048 – Light at the End of the Tunnel

By February 3, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a psalm. On April 7, 2001 I wrote a Thoughtlet, “Light at the End of the Tunnel” #0214, about how it looked like Andrea and I were finally going to come out the financial tunnel we had been in since we got married. Of course, we are still waiting for this to happen February 3, 2018, which is almost 17 years after the Thoughtlet was written. Tunnels can be a lot longer than we expect. Whenever I think of a tunnel, I think of the mile-long tunnel going out the east side of Zion Canyon. The photo to the left is a sight I have enjoyed many times coming out of the tunnel at Zion going west.

In terms of this song, it is fun to sing it, to remember the projects, and how important and big they each seemed at the time. I signed a contract with Shell Oil to build them a Best Practice. I spent years working with Christian Singfield on his creation of digital rock scans. Folks often come to me and want to know what I am working on, because they would like to work with me again. Exceptions include Gary Jones and Dennis McMullin, who say they will never work with me again because they have never worked so hard before or since in their lives. I really do enjoy Ken Turner, and his faith and how he and Nell have been able to live day-to-day as a starving artist. Ken has been a tremendous example for me. I met Bob Burton through Rick Zimmerman, and Bob worked hard to sell some of my exploration ideas. Mike Dunn ended up hiring me to work for GDC (now Geokinetics) as Vice-President of New Business Development heading up their TILESTM project (repackaging Fred Hilterman’s well log database) and introducing GDC into China. MKS was a new version of Bob Sneider’s company. Both were ex-Shell. I spent several years working with Dick Coons on the Texas Shelf. Expect we will pick that work back up at some point in the future. I also spent time building some nice Infinite GridSM examples, using Tropical Storm Allison data over Houston and tying results to Census Tracts. Arnie Vedlitz at Texas A&M University was very excited about this work. Funds to pursue the opportunity were never found. Hopefully they will be someday. Horace Snyder had been at Enron, before the collapse. Johnny Kopecky was the K in MKS. I have been involved in so many big and so many exciting projects over my career. Yet most of them, while technically exciting, have never found financial traction. Thus, I continue to live in a financial tunnel. Oh well!

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