Song 043 – Twelve Disciples

By January 29, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 63. I really liked the symbolism captured in this song. The photo to the left shows all 12 of us who participated in this Venture Scout High Adventure, with our matching Team shirts on. When you click on this photo, it shows 10 of us at Mount Snuffles, Colorado (Greg Stine and Chris Schmidt were missing or taking the photo). I love the outdoors. I love the starlight and the moonshine and campfires. They feel like they are mine alone, when I am experiencing them. I remember we got in trouble with an officer when we walked into a restricted area at Shepard Air Force Base, where we stayed on our drive west. Explaining the volcanic flows to the scouts was fun. Chris Schmidt’s car alarm went off, and one of the rangers had a come apart. I thought he was right, as I do not like car alarms. There are great teaching moments on these High Adventures. It is sad when we see the youth we come to love ignore the things we worked so hard to teach them. The song talks about creation, the vail, getting baptized, climbing the mountain, eating broken bread, enjoying the beautiful scenery, catching fish, a storm coming up, at the transfiguration, being protected from Devils, being missionaries, and enduring to the end. Nice summary of our Savior’s teachings to His disciples.

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