Song 046 – Images Scream Out

By February 1, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 74 and for Psalm 137. Coming home to Cedar City has reminded me of my patriotic roots. I vaguely remember a family confrontation over disrespecting the United States flag. I was accused of being to mean to a little girl over my perception of her disrespect for the U.S. flag. Years later, I was in San Antonio at an SEG convention in the BGP Booth (Chinese geophysical contractor Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting). I was talking to Meng Ersheng, when the first 9/11 videos came on the television. I had flown San Antonio from someplace else. Flights were cancelled to Houston, and so later Andrea drove over to go to the President’s Reception and drive me home. I was deeply moved by the terrorist attack. And, of course, so were others. My artist friend, Kenneth R. Turner, painted two paintings, as a result of the attack, both of which I find most inspiring. To the left is “Out of the Ashes,” a memorial to rebuilding of the twin towers after the event. Click on this image and there is an image of the flag with patriot portraits as ghosts titled “We the People.” In 1993 Ken painted Sara’s painting titled “Milestones,” and which is included as the image for Psalm 74. There is a Southern Utah jet trail (link to Psalm22 extended mage showing jet trails) that connects each of the kid’s paintings. In Sara’s painting, this jet trail goes right through the twin towers.

It is really sad how some people have come to disparage and take for granted the freedoms we have in the United States. It seems to get worse and worse, almost weekly. Images scream out for retaliation, protect the innocent, protect the nation. Doctrine & Covenants 1:3 talks about how “iniquities will be spoken upon the housetops.” With our Dish satellite this makes much more sense than it did on November 1, 1831, when the revelation was written down. Mormon 5:8 in The Book of Mormon teaches “all things which are hid must be revealed upon the house-tops.” 9/11 was a fulfillment of prophecy, “showing the cops helping the firemen until strength was sapped.” Of course, “we must always be careful that we don’t cross the battlefield, joining the lie.” I hope I will always honor my heritage, and the flag, which represents the freedoms we enjoy.

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