Song 040 – Ice on Tents

By January 25, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a psalm. The song was written at two different campouts with Matt. The first at Brazos Bend State Park, south of Houston, on December 30th, 2000. The second at Camp Strake on February 17th, 2001. I remember the campouts were cold. It doesn’t get as cold in Houston as it gets in Cedar City. However, the humidity makes it feel like it is much colder. The first campout was with Matt’s scout leader, Floyd Lunt. Andrew Salt rode with us, and Andrew and Matt did not want to listen to country music. Floyd and I ended up controlling the radio channel. The campfire felt good, because it was so cold. Mark Beckstrom and Brent Peterson were with us at Camp Strake. It was so cold we all slept in to stay warm in our sleeping bags and missed the flag raising, and getting our assignments. I think this was the campout when a racoon got in one of the tents, and I ended up going in to the tent to get it out. Racoons have big teeth, and they really bare them when they are cornered. No one was hurt. I remember Brent Peterson giving me a bad time about shoveling my food down at a campout at Camp Strake. Even though I’d been remarried for a couple of years, I was still struggling with the rejection of divorce, and found solace in eating. Gained a lot of weight. Oh well!

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