Song 042 – Practical Magic

By January 27, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalms 119 A-V (scriptures, then click on the following links to download the guitar chords [letters] or various music sections [Hebrew] of Psalm 119): A Aleph; B Beth; C Gimel; D Daleth; E He; F Vau; G Zain; H Cheth; I Teth; J Jod; K Caph; L Lamed; M Mem; N Nun; O Samech; P Ain; Q Pe; R Tzaddi; S Koph; T Resh; U Schin; and V Tau. Heather was 22 when her song was written, and there are 22 parts to Psalm 119. The photo to the left and it’s extention captures her in those days. She lived with us in Houston one summer. A day after she arrived she wanted to go to the gym to work out. Andrea gave her directions. She came back some time later very frustrated, as she never found the gym. She said something like, “I could have driven on every street in Cedar City in the time I was gone looking for that gym.” Heather’s favorite movie was Practical Magic, thus the name of the song. She liked PBS shows like “Sense and Sensibility.” Divorce is always hard, showing life isn’t always groovy. She worked at a fast food place in Houston, which served food she would not eat because it wasn’t good for her. After getting her B.S. in Chemistry, she worked for a couple of years and then became a professional bicyclist. She loves riding her bike and racing and she has done very good at it.

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