Song 037 – Brosig

By January 22, 2018Songs

This song was not used as music for a psalm. I only wrote the chorus about the campout at Camp Brosig. Matt went to this campsite later, jumped headfirst down a big slide, hit his head on the end of a 12-inch pipe, and ended up with a big scar on the top of his head. The Nottingham Country Ward Resident Paramedic, Gary Jones, was on this campout, and like when Paul fell off a rope climbing up a cliff at El Rancho Cima and knocked himself out, Gary sewed up Matt and made sure he was ok until he got home. When I was starting to move my songs to a common digital repository, in 2017, I wrote 4 verses, looking back years after “the parenting furnace.” Before the divorce I lived on an airplane and was flying all over the world. After the divorce, I was asked to work with several different groups in the church’s Young Men’s Program, and then with Matt, attended additional camp outs as his Dad. Looking back, I think these camp outs were very useful for me personally, helping me get back in tune with nature and with my life, and to put the hurt and the pain associated with the break-up of my family behind me.

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