Song 034 – Digital Camera

By January 18, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 12 and for Psalm 147. I like the tune, the rhythm, the guitar string strumming, and the words of this song. I had a digital camera (this was early for digital cameras). The camera used mini-CD’s for image storage. I have hundreds of these CD’s, which I want to get moved into a master photo library (after all I claim to be the first digital man). I thought it was important for scouts to play with new technologies. This camp out was only a month after Camp Liendo, and Brent Peterson and I were the scout leaders. We were working with the Priests in Nottingham Country Ward. The 3 Priests were Adam Salt, Justin Stein, and Tyler Camp. Justin was a gymnast, and stood upside down. The raccoon gave everyone a start, and provided a good target for a lot of digital photos. Tyler still plays the guitar, and his Dad, who was later our Bishop, always remembers the time I spent as his leader and guitar mentor. Brent even brought up the song over a decade after this camp out, showing how the songs help create good memories.

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