Song 032 – Find The Seed

By January 16, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 4 and for Psalm 10. Find A Seed was written 3 months before Song 031, Camp Strake. My marriage was falling apart and I was not accepting this could happen. In some ways the scout camps were a way for me to cope, to get in touch with nature, and thus to get in touch with myself. On this scout camp, at Spring Creek Park (see satellite images), I was looking for answers. I let the leaders work with the scouts, and I went off on my own and played the guitar and wrote this song. James Connors came over and talked to me, and we discussed some of my ideas about deriving music from seismic data and other types of natural sources. That was a fun conversation. Little did I know at that time that Jim was struggling with his marriage too. There were big trees growing in Spring Creek Park. They needed space. They obviously had deep roots because they were so tall. I am sure, looking back, I was depressed, unsure what to do, sad, and lost. So, it makes sense I would compare my children to the trees, the tree roots we can not see, and my efforts to provide them an environment where they could grow so “their heads are way up high.” Family is a theme, for obvious reasons. I had left Landmark, and HyperMedia had gone under by this time. So, it is also logical to compare business efforts to trees. Landmark was a giant. I had felt forgotten, and maligned, and taken advantage of. And I have this strong desire to help the poor, to help everyone to soar, and my latest attempts at the United Order at Simonton had failed. Yet I was thinking about how to “find a seed, that will meet a need” and then how to “find a space, where it can grow in place.” Even in my darkest hours, I remained an optimist.

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