Song 028 – Fathers & Sons

By January 11, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 91. Also, Song 028 is referenced in the writeup for Song 017. As I recall I wrote this song at a Father’s and Son’s Campout at Brazos Bend State Park, southwest of Houston. The first several Father’s and Son’s Campouts I took the boys to were at Chudley’s Farm, north of Stephen F. Austin State Park. Brother Chudley was a hard working farmer, and reminded me of Uncle Bud. Someone bought his farm, and he was able to nicely retire. I remember his retirement was about the time I published “Prime Words” in about March of 1997. He wanted a copy, and so I found and gave him a copy. The Father’s and Son’s Campout was always a Stake activity. I remember Ken Turner was there. Ken and I attempted to play soccer with the boys, and they surrounded us and kept the ball from us. Thus, the lines “Fathers and sons kick a ball on the grassy knoll, Father’s chasing sons because they are getting old.” Ken liked this song, and had me play it for everyone at later Father’s and Son’s Campouts. The last verse was written after I got back from taking Dad to Australia, Indonesia, and Japan on one of my teaching trips to the Far East. Dad was at heart a sheep man, and had always wanted to go to Australia where there are a lot of large sheep herds. Meanwhile, back in Texas, Ken and I would often disappear into interesting discussions at these campouts. The kids would be playing ball or capture-the-flag, and we would be having discussions about when all of the power gets knocked out in Houston, and there will be a tent city at Ken’s property in New Ulm, as people start a very hard journey to the Rocky Mountains. I hope it doesn’t happen as we discussed, and as Ken saw in a dream. I know how glad I was when Matt moved out of Houston to live with Rachel in Salt Lake, and Rob moved to Austin to work with Roice. Shortly after these two moves, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and caused tremendous damage. None of my family were impacted by this disaster.

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