Song 026 – Spring

By January 9, 2018Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm114, and was referenced by Song 007. About six months after I got home from my mission, I was thinking about marriage and about my first son (who turned out to be Roice, Song 012), and I wrote a song about the farm and about my Dad (Howard Nelson, Song 011). It was the spring, and I wrote about the spring. About a flower pushing “it’s petals through broken twigs and dried up leaves,” and how “the flower soon will bloom and colors bright will be in sight of all of the country side.” About a squirrel digging “through dirt that’s covered up his door.” About “preparing for the snow which must come once again.” And about “a little boy walking with his hand within the hand of an old man who means so much to him.” Then closing by tying together the walk, the flower, and the squirrel. “Spring has come, bringing new birth of seeds planted yesterday,” “awakening a resting world,” “bringing new life, and memories of a job well done,” “reflections of work done today.” I’ve always liked this song. When we started doing Nelson Grandkids Summer Science Camp, I realized the song was really about me, and I am “the old man” who “is the young man’s Granddad” and I’m glad to be able to “take the boy(s and girls) for a walk in the countryside.”

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