Song 023 – Rachel, My Darling

By January 5, 2018Songs

I really like the tune to the chorus of Rachel’s song, which is probably why it ended up being used as the music for both Psalm 123 and Psalm 146. Rachel was 15 when her song was written. I struggle with using terms of endearment, even for those I love the most. My Dad called me Pumpkin, and this is the closest there was to a term of endearment being used in my family of origin. One of the hired hands at Nelson Meat Packing Plant called everyone “Sweetheart.” He had one other word he always used, and I have never overcome this “legacy,” to be able to use words like “sweetheart” for those I love. So, it is interesting to me, the words which came for Rachel’s song climbed over this emotional hill, and were “Rachel, My Darling.” I like how I tied in Rachel’s 4 Uncles: Randy Shirts; Russell Shirts; Robert Shirts; and Steve Shirts; as well as my sister, Sara Penny, and Randy’s wife Aunt Katherine Hansen Shirts. I did use the word “dirt,” because it rhymes with “hurt,” and is what we walk on. Sometimes we feel others treat us this way. I especially like the words I found about my sister: “Like Aunt Sara, Life’s aloe vera, Soothing and healing, Sharing deep feeling.” There are phrases and tune strings which, on looking back, feel like they were planted, sound like they were beyond my limited capabilities, and were simply inspired. Rachel is the owner and jewelry designer behind Wuggins, Inc., the mother of Gwyn, and the wife of Garrett Olson, a Union Pacific Railroad Engineer.

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