Song 019 – Questions

By January 1, 2018Songs

Ben’s song Questions was used as the music for both Psalm 38 and Psalm 140. The photo to the left was taken at the same time his older brother’s photo, Roice’s extended photo in Song 012, was taken. Roice and Ben were inseparable growing up, and so it seemed like a good idea to include photos taken at the same time. The extended photo shows one of the better captured shots of Ben on the soccer field. Ben was our soccer champion. He also asked great questions: “Don’t your shoes get torn up at night, if you sleep with them on?” “Do all dinosaurs have white teeth?” “Does heaven have a backyard?” And as parents we do the best we can to answer the questions, when they come up, or, in my case, even later. I never have been very good at responding on the spot. It takes me time to come up with a response, and by the time I do come up with a response, the moment has passed. Guess this is one of the reasons I write songs. I can think about a response, polish the response, and when it feels right, commit the response to paper.

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