Song 017 – The Tank

By December 29, 2017Songs

Rob’s song, The Tank, was used as the music for Psalm 148. Rob had the challenge of being the youngest of six, and watching the disharmony as his parents divorced. He came through his trials with a smile on his face, and with grit. He was picked on by his three older brothers. He was teased by all of his siblings. And he fought back. So, Rob’s song is about German tanks, Patton climbing the stairs to Nuremburg, Israel in the Sinai, and fighting Charlie in Viet Nam. These are metaphors for Roice, Ben, Paul, and kids on the bus. Hopefully, you hear the words about “loving hugs,” and how “he melts like ice in the nook of my arms, smiling to show the depth of his charms.” He loved his dog Einstein (and the photo to the left shows Einstein loved him). The extended photo shows him driving his tank (his Dad) at a Father’s & Son’s campout (Song 28). His Ken Turner painting shows him climbing a tree at a Nelson Family Reunion. I almost put an extended photo in showing Rob climbing trees at Brazos Bend State Park south of Houston. These days Rob is very good about visiting and helping his Mom, about calling to check up on Andrea and me, and, as a recent example, was the force behind getting me a new lap top computer for Christmas 2017. And now, Rob is IT support at General Electric Aviation Services, and sometimes plays ping-pong with his elder brother Roice (Song 012) at lunch time

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