Song 018 – Mother’s Day

By December 30, 2017Songs

Pauline Hafen Nelson’s Mother’s Day song was used as the music for Psalm 5. I remember how well singing this song acapella, as part of a Mother’s Day talk in the Nottingham Country Ward in Katy, Texas, was received. I like the song. I had a love-hate relationship with my Mom. She was very mean to Dad, as stated in the write-up with Song 11. She threatened divorce for years, both before and after her stroke in 1985. I like to think I had something to do with her not following through and getting a divorce. Then I watched my own marriage break up. Mom was also very mean in things she said about Dad’s family. I think it was a reaction to things they must have said about her and Dad not getting married for time and eternity in the LDS temple. If she felt someone had crossed her, they were never forgiven. Except me. She loved me, and I know it. The special part about Mom are memories of singing musicals with her while she played the piano when I was very young. Memories of making butter cookies and popcorn balls. Memories of her annual Christmas Day party. Memories of my High School friends coming out to the house and talking and telling stories and laughing with her for hours. Memories of her yellow GTO with dual chrome carburetors. Memories of her 1928 Studebaker. Memories of her arranging for me to come to CSU (College of Southern Utah) to give a talk about exploration geophysics. Mothers are special! We get one a lifetime! I need to put the hard memories aside, and focus on the good. She did nurse me and she did baby me, long past my infancy. She taught me to think. Dad taught me to work. She was a best friend, especially when I was a teenager. She was more a teenager than I was. And I do miss her. The 40 years in Texas became an escape from the negative. I still missed her. And I do often think of the words she said to me, long ago. Mothers are special!

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