Song 016 – Sara Ellyn

By December 28, 2017Songs

Sara Ellyn’s song was used as the music for Psalm 107. I admit, this is one of my favorite songs. Also admit, Ken Turner’s painting for Sara is one of my favorite paintings he did for the kids. I worked hard when I was growing up, both on the farm, feeding cattle every night after school, and during the summers as one of the hired hands in Nelson Meat Packing Plant. I wanted my kids to have time to play, they did not live on a farm, and so they did not have the same kind of chores I had as a youth. Sara “lived in an apple tree,” with all of the food and basic things she wanted and needed available.  She did throw papers. I still remember when I drove her once and made her put a paper up on the porch, she made sure I knew she “would never throw papers with me again.” Her painting is centered on a 2000-year-old bristlecone pine tree at Cedar Breaks, which tree represents the Savior. One interesting thing about Sara’s painting is the jet trail, which connects the 6 completed paintings, goes right through the New York City twin towers. Ken completed this painting years before 9/11. Sara always wanted to spread her wings, and this jet trail in her painting captures this. Now Sara flies all over the world, not like a bird, but in airplanes, is married to Tim, and works as an executive for HomeAway. She still likes to talk, and the insights and meaning of her words causes one to think. It is hard looking back and realizing how fast children grow up and leave us. Hopefully the things we taught and the examples we strived to set will always be a guiding light.

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