Song 015 – Little Girls

By December 27, 2017Songs

Melanie’s song, Little Girls, was used as the basis for Psalm 122. The song talks about how little girls make Dad’s happy, and I think this is captured in the photo to the left of me holding Melanie. I also think happiness and joy is captured in the extended photo of my Dad (Howard Nelson, Song 011) picking Melanie up. In the posting of Dad’s song, Ken Tuner’s painting of Dad is to the left, and the extended photo shows the painting hanging at Melanie’s house. The word “high” was used because I grew up singing John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” and “high” rhymes with “sigh.” The first verse chides Melanie about her posture, and encourages her to decide early where her priorities are. Melanie’s priorities are perfect. She grew fast. She managed the divorce better than most of the kids. She is still cute, though in a very mature and dignified way. She has always been a people person, and she is very good helping others. Melanie did not always set the best example for Sara. When I wrote this song, she was only 3 years old, Sara was a new baby, and her example was perfect. I’ve come to realize there are times when we all set poorer examples. She sure sets a good example now. Melanie is the mother of 5, a “Meant To Shine Entrepreneur and business Coach” for Rodan+Fields skin care products, and wife to Jared, a wonderful dentist starting a new Texas dental practice. As Melanie once explained, “Dad likes Jared, but he love’s Jared’s family.” The Wrights, from Vidor, Texas, are just like the honest hardworking folks I grew up with in Cedar Valley.

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