Song 014 – Paul’s Song

By December 26, 2017Songs

Paul’s Song was used as the basis for Psalm 2. When Paul was working for Siemens in St. Louis, after getting his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from BYU, he called and said, “Dad, you’re a prophet and I’m going to be a rocket scientist.” Paul has always been a little bit out in left field (except when he did the worm in his band uniform at a Taylor High School football game), and this statement made no sense to me at all. It turned out, a week before Paul’s 3rd birthday, I had written him this song. The last verse says, “The rocket ships you build today will soon break and be thrown away, but someday things you build will be for more than play.” So, when I found the photo of Paul and Roice in front of a rocket ship at Cape Kennedy (what I remember as Cape Canaveral), it had to be the image for this Song. His Ken Turner Painting is about the creation, with images of each planet and Paul creating the “Big Bang” with his soccer ball. And, of course, as the only one of my children or step-children who followed Andrea and my examples and served a mission for the LDS Church, it makes sense the extended photo show Paul in front of The LDS Church Mission Training Center in Provo. Paul is now Kate’s husband, the father of 5, and a Fellow at Orbital ATK, a true rocket scientist.

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