Song 013 – Benjamin’s Song

By December 25, 2017Songs

Benjamin’s Song was used as the basis for Psalm 36 and Psalm 121. This song is one of the few songs written jointly by Marti and myself. I think I came up with the music and wrote the chorus, and Marti wrote the 3 verses. When we were dating, I was excited to be dating someone who played the guitar better than me, and saw us as becoming the next Osmond Family. However, as is summarized in Song 062 – Our Song, my plans and Marti’s self-confidence were on different planets. In Ken Turner’s painting, Music Room, he shows Ben as a roly-poly baby on the floor behind me, as well as a teenage soccer player coming down the stairs and an old man coming down the same stairs. Ben was and is happy, even though he now has more than two teeth with every smile. The photo to the left shows Ben was a serious soccer player. The extended photo shows Ben was our miracle baby. I wanted (want) to take photos of everything, and so had a camera in the room as Ben was born. The Doctor poised, Ben asperated amniotic fluid, and we almost lost him. He was in the infant care portion of the hospital for the first several days of his life. I never took a camera in for a birth after this terrible and scary experience. Thankfully we have prayer, and our prayers were answered. And now Ben is wonderful father for Ethan and a senior executive at Agrium.

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