Song 010 – Patterns

By December 21, 2017Songs

By March of 1999, just 3 months later, things were starting to look up for me. I had let go (see Song 006, Fly Away), I had accepted Marti was not going to change her mind (see Song 008, The Fallen Angel). I went to Seattle with Roger Anderson, and stopped in Cedar City to see Mom (and Andrea) on the way back to Houston. After Mom’s stroke, on April Fool’s Day 1985, I arranged to stop and see her almost once a month until she died in on April 3rd, 2003. On this trip I brought Andrea a “Sleepless in Seattle” night shirt and had Matt take a photograph of our first kiss. Then sometime later we went to the St. George Temple, and Andrea accepted my marriage proposal. Looks like this is the first song written after these milestones. This Song 010 became the music for Psalm 28. I see patterns everywhere. As things started to turn more positive in my life, my life started to rhyme again. This March day was a beautiful spring data in Houston. I must have gone out by our beautiful pool and sang Song 001 (Open My Eyes, Please), and realized this day was beginning to be “beyond times hard,” and beyond “the floods that raged yesterday.” Thus, the contrast of love and rejection. Also, the cryptic comments about family expanding, merging experiences, building mutual reliance, and a family fraternity. Key pattern concepts to me are “life, love, and family,” “the threads of eternity,” and “moving thoughts to words” to actions. The patterns we seek out and follow can make all the difference in the world to our lives and to our happiness.

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