Song 006 – Fly Away

By December 16, 2017Songs

Like Song 002, this song was not used for music for any of the Psalms. Probably because the song brings back hard memories tied to the divorce. It looks like Song 005 was written between when Song 004 and Song 006 were transcribed from my original notes to the journal, explaining why the song numbering is not tied to the date the song was written. Song 006 starts off talking about rocks and stepping stones, and so I took a photo of the stepping stones to our neighbor’s house, and some of the rocks next to this path. Specifically there are several pieces of pyrite, fool’s gold, which glitters and are pretty in the sunlight. By August of 1998 I was beginning to realize I would not be able to change Marti’s mind. I expect she was still at least emotionally involved in an Orson Scott Card virtual world, and specifically a man she met in this virtual world. The song is about the rocks at the base of everything, the branches we set on these rocks to make a fire to warm ourselves and guide others home, water – both in a stream and in sewage – the source of life and cleanliness, how we can become lost as people, and how we can build a fire on rocks to invite those we love to return and renew their baptismal covenants and become clean again. Letting her fly away, and leaving an open door for her to follow the light and fly back was an important part of my letting go and getting on with my life. This song was written just before I took Andrea on our first date to Milt’s Steakhouse up Cedar Canyon.

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