Song 004 – Business

By December 14, 2017Songs

This song was used as the music for Psalm 131. The photo is looking into my home office in the evening, showing the computers and immediately available reference material. I was focused on starting up Continuum Resources International Corporation at the time I wrote this song, and it appears I was thinking about the long-term impact of business. Businesses start small (1), planting seeds from which crops are harvested (2). Then folks work (3) and rest (4). Dictionaries helped with definitions on many of my songs. Folks build (5) and use what was built (6). Projects are staged (7) and people serviced (8). Life is full of priority challenges, and sometimes when we fall down we realize we selected the wrong priority. Then we replant (9), and there is more to harvest (10). It is important to be thankful for the harvest (11), and to resolve to cooperate to increase tomorrow’s business harvest. I believe successful business follows planting seeds and taking care of those seeds which sprout.

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